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The Inauguration of Promise

How incredibly lucky is this country to have found someone who can clean up the mess left by the last Administration? He can, and he will – as long as he’s not impeded by old-school politicians.

And how beautiful is our new First Lady?

Forgive me for not posting in so long, and for making this a fairly abbreviated entry. I’ve been under the negative influence of a self-imposed migraine and it looks like I still have a few days of pain to deal with before I’m back to normal. The lesson here is not to let a prescription lapse.

Need to go let the chickens out…


Winter’s Grace; Pugs -n- Peckers

We’ve been having a lot of snow this winter. It’s fairly unusual for Boise to get this much. Most years we may have a few inches around the middle of December, then it warms up enough to melt, and we might be lucky enough to get some more snow in February. So far this winter, we have had about a foot in total. It’s kind of nice that about three inches sticks around for so long that it provides a nice, crunchy base for the new snowfall.

Right now, we have an inch of slush out there threatening to freeze and make for very exciting road conditions in the morning. I’m glad I don’t need to go anywhere tomorrow.

The chickens are doing great – better than I expected. We’re still getting at least two eggs a day from the coop, even though everything we’ve read about chickens said they’d decrease production in cold weather. Now if I could just give them away faster.

Oh, I read the funniest thing today in a book at the library…

“Chickens are the new pug”.

It’s in a new book about urban homesteading. What’s really funny is that we have pugs, too. I know that in the last few years the whole country has gone nuts for pugs, but we’re not the bandwagon jumpers. I had pugs while growing up, they’re nothing new. I’m accustomed to their personalities, so I knew what to expect when I was able to get my own. There were a few things I’d forgotten about them, though – like the fact that they do shed. A lot. I’d say “moult” is a more accurate description. And it happens on the first day of Spring, too. You’ll come home from work or whatever, and there will be an entire dog-worth of fur in a lump on the living room carpet.

But we love our puggy dogs.

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