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She’s a little off her feed.

Yeah, I started really feeling nasty last night while watching tv. Head feels like it weighs a ton – it’s my sinuses. I know I’m not alone, and I completely empathize with everyone else who is dealing with being sick during the holidays.

Hubbins let me sleep in until noon today. I was actually awake for awhile from about 7-8:30, but didn’t let him in on that fact.

I wish I would have been up, though. You see, we got a few inches of snow overnight.

He told me that, when he went to open the run and let the girls out, Jan and Marsha managed to follow him back up to the porch just fine. He came inside to prep their oatmeal. When he brought it out for the girls, Cindy realized that she was going to miss out if she didn’t figure out how to get up to the porch. And then hilarity ensued…

Cindy flew, landed in the snow, hopped up and flew again, landing in the snow, took off again… all the way to the porch. And then when she hit the porch, her feet were so covered with snow that she slid ten feet into the plate of oatmeal. :)

I loves chickens. They’s funny.

I just wish we had gotten that on video somehow.

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I was going to start with the same title as yesterday, with a few more ‘C’s, but I figured that would be a little ridiculous. Everyone across the country is dealing with this bitter cold that’s come down from our Northern Neighbors. I can’t even imagine how bad it is for our family up there.

Canadians weather the cold much more stoically than we do here in the States. We tend to just be a bunch of complainers. I don’t think Americans are happy unless they have something to complain about.

Anyway, on to the subject of my post – oatmeal.

It’s actually about the chickens, so those who don’t want to read more about them can leave now.

So, the girls are clucking loudly this morning as soon as we woke up, leading us to wonder if there’s a dire emergency out in the coop. Hubbins had to go to work, so it was my duty to go check out the racket in the backyard. There wasn’t anything wrong – Jan just would NOT get off the nest to allow Marsha or Cindy a turn. Never mind that there are three other spots they could use. So Marsha and Cindy called us to come and get Jan to move.

It’s not enough that I have kids who tattle on each other – now I have chickens that do it.

(Damn, it’s cold. Are you cold?)

As I trudged through the snow back to the house, I remembered something I had read on  about things to feed chickens as treats (other than superworms). They sort of like the plain yogurt. They love broccoli. And lettuce. You should see how they destroy watermelon. But this morning, I think I found their new favorite.

Oatmeal. Prepared oatmeal.

I mixed it up with some TVP (that’s dried soy crumbles like they add to beef for fast food) and popped it in the microwave for a couple of minutes, then served it to them in two dishes. Holy cow, that’s all it took to shut them up. Nice, warm, delicious, protein-packed oatmeal.

That’ll do as their treat until Spring, when I’ll start buying them their superworms again.

Well, I need to start working on my homework. It’s finals week. I’ll tell you about school one of these days when I have more time…

THOUGHT OF THE DAY: Fortunately, we have a home that keeps us sheltered from the weather. I think today I will take some of our old coats down to the homeless shelter.

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It’s c-c-c-c-c-cold!

I woke up really early this morning. Peeked out into the backyard where the chicken run is glowing a warm, glowy, warmy glow. Nothing is burning, so that’s a plus.

Last evening, I skated drove over to Lowes to buy a heat lamp. The only ones in stock were 250 watt bulbs – I’m pretty sure that would have cooked the girls. I looked around, asked the guy in the lighting department, and ended up with a substitute 75 watt halogen bulb. I am nervous about halogen. But, we needed something to keep the chickens warm during this cold snap that promises us two weeks of icy misery. So, I got home and hubbins put it in the run. There was eventually a pretty big difference between the temp in there and the temp outside the run, so it was doing what we needed it to do.

So, I wake up this morning and look out there, and the lamp is now on the floor of the run. The shadows on the door tell me that he chickens are huddled around the lamp. And so far there isn’t a fire.

Yes, I would eat my chickens if they were to expire by fire. I’m sure they’d understand.

There is no way in H – E – double toothpicks that I am going out there. It’s 20 freaking degrees, with a breeze. The lamp will stay there. I’m sure the girls will be fine.  Even if the temp in the run is showing as 24 degrees, I’m pretty sure that where the girls are sitting is much warmer. Just gotta listen for chicken screams, I guess.

THOUGHT OF THE DAY: Fortunately, the tires on our Jeep are still good enough to make it until Spring.

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