2012, the end.

How many people waited for that Dec 21 apocalypse that never showed its face? Well, here it is ten days later and we’re looking at an entirely new year beginning in a few hours. Maybe a new beginning, even, for some people.

So this is how my year went.

Started working a contract graphic art position with a local company, which has paid me maybe 2k this year. Might be a little more, haven’t really looked at it yet. Have struggled with bills the entire year, more in debt now than a year ago – which is odd since we have no credit cards. But, you know, I don’t feel as stressed as I did a year ago. Something feels different. Like a huge change for the better is rocking its way towards us. We can hope.

Not much else has changed. Oh, I did gain ten to twelve pounds since Thanksgiving – my fault entirely. I incorporated “safe” gluten-free goodies into our diet, huge mistake. Tomorrow will start us back on the honest path of primal eating. By my calculations, based on previous years, I should lose about 30 lbs by Spring. Would love to make it 50 by summer, but I’m letting my gym membership lapse – I didn’t use it enough during 2012 to deem it worth getting again. That’s $30 back in our account every month, to help cover this fiscal cliff crap.

I’m not depressed, don’t get me wrong. I’m just… here.



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