just whining, don’t mind me…

So, I’m fighting the urge to go completely insane trying to figure out why we can never, ever get ahead. 

I know why. I don’t want to think about that, though. I feel that we NEED to have the breaks, we NEED to have a splurge now and then, and we NEED to treat ourselves occasionally. I don’t want to have to deny things to my family just because there are bills to pay. 

Not very responsible, I know.

Then, we have the issue of groceries. The estimate now is that we spend, on average, around $900/month at grocery stores. WTF. We don’t buy pre-packaged crap – we buy GOOD food. We don’t buy eggs, we grow those. We don’t buy milk at stores, we get raw milk at a bargain ($3.50) price every week. What we buy is bacon, bacon, bacon, fresh veggies, some frozen veggies, meat, meat, meat. And more meat. And even more. Oh, and butter from pastured cows, but that’s not that expensive, about $3/wk. We cannot go back to eating the standard American diet, or “poor food”, because our health right now is so much better than it’s been in forever.

The main mtg payment is behind by two months – again. Utilities are behind. Student loans are coming due. My husband has a great job with the same employer for 15 years, brings in 3k/month. That’s all. And I maybe make $600/month from freelance contract work because nobody hires people over the age of 50 these days. 

I’m looking for the answer, short of becoming one of those parking lot beggars. Sometimes there’s an easy answer, but I think this is one of the times that the answer will be something I don’t want to hear.


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