put down that bread

so, i’ve been absent for awhile. I think three years qualifies as awhile.

certain things have happened in my life. nothing major on the homefront, mind you. just personal struggles that have lifted for the most part.

i graduated with my degree in graphic arts. yippee. like 200 people do that every six months where i live. but it was something that i had started thirty years ago and had to finish. and i did it. bachelors, baby.

so what if the market for graphic artists is flooded? at least i have a contract job that gives me a little income.

what has really changed for me is my entire way of eating. i discovered this website, marksdailyapple.com, and dove in head-first to his blog. you already know that i am a stickler for facts being facts. well, mark sisson does his fact-checking. what i learned from him made my head spin. so, if you’re interested in finding out what he did to change my life, you’ll just have to read and absorb his stuff yourself. i’m done trying to convince people of the absolute brilliance of this simple way of life. some people want to continue their suffering, and perhaps that’s the path they’re on – not mine to change. 

suffice it to say, i am free of type 2 diabetes and have lost almost 65 pounds with no effort.

choices, you know? that’s what life’s about.


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