a new path

I’m not really sure what has happened to me in the last year or so. Whatever it is, whatever its purpose, I don’t like the path it has me on. I feel like I’m being pushed in a direction I’m not ready to travel and there isn’t anything I can do to change my fate.

A couple of years ago, I was doing really well with my meditation. I felt like I was really getting somewhere with the path I was on. I could feel the positive energy flowing through me, and I could see the effect it had on how people related to me. I was learning more about myself and about… everything. And then it was like someone turned off the faucet, and I don’t know why.

There may be one strong possibility as to what cut me off from that beautiful stream of consciousness. At the time, I would have probably been about three months into my new anti-depressant regimen. Hmm, gotta wonder.


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