Movie night…

Tonight, we watched “Ghost Town”. It’s not a horror film, it’s more of a comedy/drama but with that underlying important message you need to carry away from it afterward.

Having watched it, I can now say that I never realized Ricky Gervais is such a great, natural actor.

The basis of the movie really fit in with our usual Friday mediatainment, because “Ghost Whisperer” is our regular Friday show. (It’s pretty good. They manage to fit a good bit of variety into the show even though it takes place in a small town. It gets a little stale from time to time, but for now we’ll keep watching.)

“Ghost Town” was so much more entertaining. Of course, they had a much larger budget and bigger names in the cast. I think what really got me was the film’s message. And Ricky’s acting. So I will say this is a definite “must-see”, not a life-changer, but a pleasant little space-filler for your evening.


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