Three days in…

And I’m finally posting.

Well, I have to say that our entry into the new year was quiet and uneventful. Nice, though. We stayed home, had a great dinner, spent time with the kids, played games and all that family stuff. Hubbins is still on his “mandatory” time off until mid-month. He’s feeling like he should be getting some things accomplished around here with all this free time he has on his hands. I tell him he needs to just enjoy it while it lasts.

I do wish we could have taken a short trip to Arizona during this time, but cash isn’t happening for us right now. Besides, with all the nasty winter weather of the last week or two, I don’t think it would be wise to try to navigate the highway down through Utah… let alone the one from Page to Payson. I really don’t like driving on ice and snow, and there’s no way that I wouldn’t take a turn driving. So better to wait until good weather.

In other news, I finally finished up a DVD I’ve been working on for my mom. She has hounded me for several years for photos of the kids on a CD so that she can look at them easily enough. I did her one better and put together a nice 15 minute show of photos and video clips. She should like it. I hope so, anyway. I made sure to include a clip of Cindy doing her snow-avoidance. :)


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