Wonderful holiday; Slumdog Millionaire

It was really a good one, in spite of all predictions. The kids were terrific. Hubbins and I had fun. Middle son came over for a visit, which was really nice. We stuffed ourselves with turkey – again – and stuffing – ditto – and then very delicious black & white New York-style cheesecake for dessert.

I made the cheesecake. Hubbins loves cheesecake, specifically New York style because of its firm texture. I try to make at least two a year, and I love to experiment with different new recipes. The black & white was a first for me, and it was incredible. What was even more incredible was the fact that I followed the recipe and it actually came out perfect.

A very good holiday.

Tonight, daughter went to her best friend’s house for the night. They practically own her over there, really. She’s there about 40% of the time she’s not occupied with school. Son was not happy about losing his playmate for the night. He’s at that age where he’s extremely clingy towards his sister, and she’s at that age where she’s starting to not want to be annoyed 24/7 by her brother. We got him down eventually, though.

Oh, and we saw Slumdog Millionaire.

Holy holy cow. I wanted to see that movie from the second all the hype started. I don’t know where I first heard about it. But every review from every corner of the world has said that Slumdog Millionaire was THE BEST MOVIE EVER MADE. Or at least close to that good.

Go see it. It is as good as the best movie you have ever seen. If not THE best movie you will ever see.

Oh, and I’m changing this last part… “fortunately” got to be a little restricting. So now, you get what I decide to put there.

TO-DO LIST: Smile at every single person you meet at the store tomorrow. Not just a pasted-on smile… really SMILE. Feel it. See what happens.

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2 thoughts on “Wonderful holiday; Slumdog Millionaire

  1. rjRoopam says:

    Hi…good to read your blog and good to see that you posted regarding Slumdog Millionaire. Yet to release in India. We are eagerly waiting for it.

    Anyways, take care…and u have a nice blog out here :-)

    (Calcutta, India)

    • fortunately says:

      I hope that you really enjoy the movie. Being an American, I can only guess that it’s fairly accurate in depicting the culture of India as it’s grown over the last 30-40 years. Some of those cultural differences are a little hard to understand, but I welcome them since I love to learn about this world’s people.

      Slumdog just won best picture at the Golden Globes last night. My husband and I knew it was well deserved.

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