Snow and the holidays

I awoke this morning moments before Hubbins took off for work. I wanted to make sure that I told him to drive carefully – thinking that there was probably a black ice issue with the re-freeze overnight. He was already pulling out of the garage, so I managed to wave to him and give him the “I love you” sign. Then I took a look outside… wow. It looks like it snowed about four inches last night. It’s beautiful. :)

Then the trash truck drove past and I realized that our trash bin is nowhere in sight.

My goal is to wait as long as possible before having to go out and wrestle it through the snow and out onto (or near) the sidewalk. Wherever that is. Cold is just not my thing. I’m a desert rat, born and raised. But living here allows me to experience seasons, so it’s a trade-off. Normally, we have very little snow in the winter – but weather is getting weird these days. We may have a very white winter this year.

I’m not done shopping, though!

Hubbins has done the majority of the buying the last couple of days, since I’ve been feeling under the weather (haha). Santa’s bringing at least one of the things requested by son. Daughter doesn’t believe anymore, but Santa won’t forget her… need to keep up appearances. I think he got her socks or something. Token gift, you know. But there are two or three gifts still needing to be purchased, so hopefully I will have time this evening to go out and shop.

Yes, I’m crazy. Insane at times.

I suppose I could wait and shop around 9pm to avoid the crowds. Not that shopping late is a guarantee of stressless shopping… but it’s more likely that I’ll have at least a little more elbow room if I wait until then.

THOUGHT OF THE DAY: Fortunately, I learned how to drive in snow from a true Canadian. UNfortunately, half the people living here in Boise don’t know how to drive in snow.

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One thought on “Snow and the holidays

  1. andeeroo says:

    Snow is a wonderful experience – if you can drive to it, then leave it after you’ve had enough. As and ex-Chicagoan, I remember!

    May I invite you to read my satirical take on the battle to celebrate Christmas in the public square?

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