She’s a little off her feed.

Yeah, I started really feeling nasty last night while watching tv. Head feels like it weighs a ton – it’s my sinuses. I know I’m not alone, and I completely empathize with everyone else who is dealing with being sick during the holidays.

Hubbins let me sleep in until noon today. I was actually awake for awhile from about 7-8:30, but didn’t let him in on that fact.

I wish I would have been up, though. You see, we got a few inches of snow overnight.

He told me that, when he went to open the run and let the girls out, Jan and Marsha managed to follow him back up to the porch just fine. He came inside to prep their oatmeal. When he brought it out for the girls, Cindy realized that she was going to miss out if she didn’t figure out how to get up to the porch. And then hilarity ensued…

Cindy flew, landed in the snow, hopped up and flew again, landing in the snow, took off again… all the way to the porch. And then when she hit the porch, her feet were so covered with snow that she slid ten feet into the plate of oatmeal. :)

I loves chickens. They’s funny.

I just wish we had gotten that on video somehow.

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