A fun time was had by all.

I did the coolest thing today. I participated in a focus group/mock trial. And it was probably the most fun I’ve ever had while working. Can’t talk about it for three weeks, until after the real trial, but wow… the process is fascinating and we all learned things. And the guy conducting the survey – he told us he’d been in several large cities doing surveys like this one – said that we impressed him with how well we understood the information presented. (I bet he says that to ALL the… cities…)

Since I had been gone from very early this morning until evening, the girls had spent the entire day in their run and coop and were SO happy to be let out when I finally got home. They had gone through every morsel of feed pellets that was in their feeder. I can’t imagine how bored they must have been all day. Of course, it was almost sunset by the time I let them out, so they didn’t get much roaming time – and then they all three fell asleep next to the back door, on the porch step. I went through the garage to get them. Carried all three at once back to the run, listening to their sleepy cooing all the way. Ahh, I love having chicken daughters.

Oh – I forgot to go to the Christmas party at the place I used to work. That’s fine, I was just too busy today to remember. It’s still going on, but I’m in my pjs already and I don’t feel like getting dressed again. They’ll forgive me, I hope.

THOUGHT OF THE DAY: Fortunately, I’ve grown enough as a person to know that putting myself in the other person’s shoes is a very good way to be fair and impartial.

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