First snow, first post

Today is my hubbin’s birthday. He’s 30 now, and doesn’t look a day older than 25. Ahh, youth.

We woke up to find it had snowed a little overnight. Not much. But it continues, and now the kids are out front playing and making snowballs to throw against the window. The dogs were pretty quick to want inside after their morning constitutional. And then we have the chickens, who are used to having the door to their run opened every morning at eight sharp so that they can run around the yard, picking at the ground and harassing the dogs. Well, this morning it’s a little different. Marsha keeps poking her head out to glare askance at us, like it’s our fault the yard disappeared. Jan is convinced that the white stuff will not support her weight. Cindy just keeps yelling at us to come and rescue her.

They would all three love to be up on the porch right now. I should go get them, or at least shut them back in their run. But it’s cold, blowing snow, and I haven’t finished my coffee.

That’s a lie, I did finish. I just don’t want to face the cold yet.

So, the rest of the day should be pretty fun for my hubbin. He just handed me a wad of twenties so that I can take him out for his birthday, or whatever I want to do with it otherwise. I think he may be hinting at “go buy me a grownup game” for the new Xbox 360 that I bought him yesterday. It came with two “kid games”; he needs some of that hardcore driving and/or alien killing action. Right now, he’s cleaning the dust out of the old Xbox (HALO edition) so that we can put it on Craigslist. That should make us an easy forty bucks.

The kids are back inside. Soaked. I told daughter that she should take a nice, warm shower to warm up again. She may. Son is watching hubbin vacuum out the dust from the game system. Every time the vacuum makes a funny sound, son squeals and laughs, makes us smile.

Now hubbin has gone out to check on the “girls”. That’s how we refer to the hens. It’s been an hour, and they still haven’t come out.

Hmm. Guess I’d better start the day. I’ll talk to you later, I promise.

THOUGHT OF THE DAY: Fortunately, I am in a position to help people who can’t afford Christmas this year – even if I have to restrict myself to just two gifts for each of my own children. This holiday is about giving, not about receiving.

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